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Gorgeous Turquoise Epoxy Table in Customers Home

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We love our customers! Many have been kind enough to express their appreciation and allow us to post their comments on our website, and even more have shared photos of how lovely the pieces they purchased look in their home. If you want to share photos of our merchandise in your home, or want to share your feedback with our visitors, please email us!

Happy Customers!

Customized Wine Rack

Custom Wine Rack

We loved every option S&J offered, but our needs were just a little unique. We didn't want a storage area for wine glasses; we wanted to utilize the whole rack for wine, and we wanted a specific height and width as well as casters on the feet for easy mobility. We originally wanted the pearl inlay top until we saw this option. We love how it looks in our home!

M. Zimmerman

Customization display in KMC Residence

Same Wine Rack; 
        Different Angle

Matching Pearl Inlay Customization

These two images (above and below) are orders we delivered to happy customers!) It's difficult to imagine how our merchandise will enhance the beauty of your home until your order is delivered. We encourage you to visit or large warehouse in Landstuhl to explore the vast possibilities from our huge inventory.

Carved Wood Wine Rack/Island
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