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Describe your dream table!
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Epoxy/Resin Table;
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Please Describe Your Dream Table

(or come to our warehouse and browse our

gorgeous delivery-ready inventory)

Did you know tables aren't the only customizable pieces?
ou can also design your own beverage storage furniture, Entertainment Centers, Cabinets and more.

Wood/Color/Finish Options

Before you start customizing, we encourage you click on the samples here to view a gallery of wood types, edges, colors, treatments, legs, and more.

Move your cursor over your desired wood to reveal the type of wood.

Move your cursor over your desired Resin/Epoxy to reveal the name of the color

Dual Colors are also an option; Let's Discuss!

Please select only one ......

If you are undecided about ANY of these options, please let us help you with your decision!

Move your cursor over your desired Table Legs to reveal the number associated with that style.

Move your cursor over your desired images to reveal the name of the edge style

Are there additional details you'd like to share with us? Would you rather come in to see some options in our warehouse? Please Email us to set up an appointment; we can complete your custom order in person. Once you have submitted a custom order, we will contact you to review your order, and to discuss a down payment and anticipated delivery date.

Please note there are additional finishes available (including pearl inlaid) for viewing here.

Custom Order Form Submitted

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